Our logo is evolving—and so are we!

The time is right for ISO to evolve for the future.

ISO has been the continual benchmark for data, analytics, and services for the insurance industry. To meet the new and dynamic needs of our customers and our industry, we’re adapting our organisation while maintaining our core strengths. As part of Verisk Insurance Solutions, we’re building for the next decade—and beyond.

The industry expertise you count on is still right here.

The deepest data and the strongest collection of intellectual capital remain part of everything you expect from ISO. Plus, as part of Verisk Insurance Solutions, we’re aligned in ways that better match how our customers do business. Now more than ever, you’ll see how seamlessly our product excellence and customer service are working together.

Broader perspectives. Deeper insights. Collaborative relationships.

Looking ahead and listening to customers, ISO is evolving to help you and the industry push the boundaries of innovation—giving you the confidence to secure and grow your business.

Let us know what you think!

We’d appreciate hearing from you about how we can continue to help your business. Feel free to contact us by phone at +44 (0) 01252 365464 or send an email to info.uk@iso.com.