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Verisk's New Database Initiative

We’re looking to help our customers increase efficiency and speed in their claims and insurance processes

We’re looking to help our customers increase efficiency and speed in their claims and insurance processes. That’s why we’ve modernized our legacy contributory databases—Coverage Verifier™, A-Plus™, and ClaimSearch®—so subscribers can now seamlessly draw upon both policy and claims information. This will make a wide range of innovative solutions possible that help our subscribers improve their underwriting and recovery processes—and enhance the customer experience for their policyholders.

What is the new database?

It’s a non-FCRA data processing platform that will collect, organize, and optimize subscribers’ contributory data. Subscribers that opt in to the new database with a data use authorization will be able to license a wide range of innovative underwriting, claims, fraud investigation, and decision-support solutions.

What is the first solution that will be available?

The first solution available is the Carrier Identified Notification, which automatically alerts adjusters that an adverse carrier has been identified. Because adjusters often lack adverse carrier information at the first notice of loss (FNOL), this alert notifies them when relevant claim information is available.

Is the Carrier Identified Notification free for ClaimSearch subscribers?

Yes. The alert is available at no additional cost to subscribers who act now. To participate, you’ll need to return the completed data use authorization form.

How will this alert benefit my organization?

The Carrier Identified Notification is designed to:

  • Provide prompt and seamless notification to adjusters, alerting them of the availability of an adverse carrier information
  • Decrease the instances of “missed” information by automatically providing third-party details
  • Create additional opportunities for deductible waivers and improved customer experience once the adverse party’s coverage is verified
  • Help connect insurers who share claims so they can make better decisions on claim handing, reserving, lien resolutions, and more
  • Reduce cycle time and costs

How can I participate in the database?

Simply fill out this data use authorization form to opt in to approve the use of your contributory data from Coverage Verifier, A-PLUS, and ClaimSearch.

What if I don’t contribute to Coverage Verifier and A-PLUS?

If a ClaimSearch subscriber does not currently contribute to Coverage Verifier or A-Plus, we will make all reasonable arrangements to onboard the subscriber for these databases.

Do I need IT resources to implement this new solution?

No. The solution is delivered as SaaS (Software as a Service) via the visualized ClaimSearch® platform. We request that subscribers contribute a one-year historical data file to help seed this new database. We will assist you in this effort.

When will I begin receiving alerts?

After you complete the data use authorization form, you’ll begin receiving adverse carrier alerts right away.

You will soon be redirected to the 3E website. If the page has not redirected, please visit the 3E site here. Please visit our newsroom to learn more about this agreement: Verisk Announces Sale of 3E Business to New Mountain Capital.