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Respond MAP for Utility Services

Preempt incoming storms by positioning your resources where threats to utility infrastructure are fiercest.

Reacting to storm damage after the fact is expensive.

Decisions make or break your storm response. You need to allocate resources, reach out to nearby utility workers, and ensure the right people are in position to handle the event. Manually determining where the storm hit and what was damaged slows you down.

Deploy your workers to the areas most likely to need repair.

Respond MAP predicts the path of the storm ahead of time and updates you on projected severity. Combine its visual storm overlay with your infrastructure data to organize your response before and while the storm unfolds.

Make your storm planning and response efforts smarter, faster, and more efficient. Learn more about Respond MAP today.

Information center

Storm Damage

Spot and resolve natural threats before they bowl into your power lines.

Access aerial imagery in Respond MAP to spot and correct natural threats like dense tree coverage when they're in close proximity to powerlines.

Coworkers Looking At The Computer Screen

A visual map of the incoming storm

Respond MAP makes it easy to ingest storm data. It's visual overlay provides all the information you need to see where the storm is heading and how hard it is likely
to hit.

Man Pointing At A Laptop

Access from anywhere you have an internet connection

Log in to the Verisk Respond MAP to, customize your visible data, and see exactly the insights you need to plan your response.

With Respond MAP, utility professionals can efficiently and rapidly:

  • Assess damage
  • Prepare progress reports to senior management
  • Proactively contact utility workers
  • Prepare resources in advance

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