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RealTwiin for Property Preservation

On-demand property characteristics and photos for default servicers

A flood of new defaults?

The default market is in flux. With constant inventory turnover of bank-owned homes, it’s a big lift to ensure they’re serviced and preserved in a timely manner.

RealTwiin™ can make that lift a little lighter.

Property data and aerial photos help you line them up and knock them down.

RealTwiin delivers an all-in-one virtual bundle. Punch in an address, and you receive 6 high-quality aerial photographs of the property and a detailed breakdown of the structure’s characteristics. Your servicers and field personnel can get a head start on making (or keeping) the properties move-in ready by quickly identifying pools, spas or other items that need specific care, such as yard size, trees to maintain, and grass to cut.

Sometimes it takes diving into an actual RealTwiin report to grasp just how much of an impact its insights will have on your claims workflow.

All the info you need to manage and service your properties effectively

Realtwiin Property Characteristics Report

All the info you need to manage and service your properties effectively

Each RealTwiin report delivers up to 60* unique key property characteristics, including build year, structural layout, roof material condition, and exterior wall materials. Also receive permit data so you can fully inspect any property improvements for quality construction prior to sell.

*Included data may vary by property location and availability.

High-quality aerial photos – instantly available

Geomni Aerial Imagery

High-quality aerial photos – instantly available

Skip the hassle and cost of drone photography. Your RealTwiin report includes up to six aerial images of the property from multiple angles delivered nearly instantaneously. Use them to review properties remotely and flesh out property profiles for your field technicians.

In a world of instant information, RealTwiin delivers a clear advantage.

Purchase with the Verisk Geospatial Dashboard

Set up your account on the Verisk Geospatial Dashboard, and you’ll have a space where you can streamline your property reports and review previous purchases.

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