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Verisk powers geospatial intelligence

Verisk’s geospatial solutions deliver high-resolution imagery and data of properties and neighborhoods, to inform decisions across multiple industries and markets.

What sets Verisk apart?

Verisk provides access to comprehensive U.S. geospatial and property data.

  • High quality aerial imagery with oblique angles and better resolution than can be provided by satellite photos.
  • Comprehensive imagery for the top 150 metropolitan areas.
  • Flexible delivery of imagery and data, available via either API, website, or integrated apps.

Verisk RealTwiin

Verisk Realtwiin Sample Report

Verisk RealTwiin

On-demand property characteristics and aerial imagery. Frequently a quick, comprehensive overview of a property can help you speed work and make better tactical decisions. Verisk RealTwiin™ packages deliver up to six high-quality aerial photographs of the property (one overhead, four oblique, and one neighborhood view).

They also come with detailed breakdowns of structure characteristics that can help verify data and gain additional understanding of structures, pools, outbuildings, and landscaping.

Expediting insurance claims

Hi-res imagery and up to 60 data points you can use to discover and verify the property including permitted building additions, roof details, and more.

Creating comprehensive real estate MLS listings

Develop compelling listings in MLS with multi-angle, high-resolution imagery and all the key property characteristics that interest buyers.

Guiding bank-owned property preservation

Understand key preservation needs with information such as area of lawn to mow, trees to maintain, and pools to service, along with other property characteristics.

Managing property portfolios

Easily review and verify properties of interest with comprehensive data and high quality aerial imagery to help optimize your portfolio.

Researching and resolving legal and government concerns

Get instant access to key property information and imagery that can inform actions and help resolve legal disputes.

Verisk Respond MAP

Doppler Map

Verisk Respond MAP

Automatic storm threat and assessments. Forecast impact severity to your business interests by knowing when and where imminent storms will hit locations and properties of concern.

Verisk Respond MAP™ allows you to map your relevant properties and overlay them with weather data and imagery to get a full picture of impacts within a state-of-the-art GIS platform.

The solution is particularly useful for insurance carriers, mortgage lenders, and those acting to minimize disruption in their supply chain.

Preparing for catastrophe response and claims handling

Insurance professionals can be ready ahead of the storm to move key assets into place, help policyholders mitigate losses, and handle claims.

Managing supplies and personnel

Minimize disruption to your supply chain by knowing when and where a storm will hit hardest. Also know where to position your people and your material resources for a faster recovery after the storm.

Proactively service and maintain infrastructure assets

When you have an aerial perspective of utilities assets and their proximity to physical and environmental hazards along with storm path predictions, you make better plans for resource planning before the storm hits.

Mapping investor portfolio interest against weather impact

Add storm data and forecasting into your valuations of investment properties.

Vexcel Imaging, a leader in aerial imagery data, large-format aerial cameras, and photogrammetry software, partners with Verisk to provide on-demand imagery and data for a wide variety of applications.

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