Verisk Financial | Retail Solutions

Loss prevention, risk management, and analytic solutions for retailers


Turning data into insight and insight into results

Verisk Financial | Retail Solutions is a leading provider of loss prevention, risk management, and analytic solutions for retailers. We help retailers reduce risk and protect profits through a comprehensive suite of data management, analytic, and theft prevention solutions.

Our unique expertise

Our multidisciplinary team of highly credentialed data scientists and retail industry experts has extensive experience in providing comprehensive solutions to the retail industry. We're known for our distinct ability to blend the highly technical, data-driven aspects of our projects with retail business expertise.

What we do

Our offerings provide retailers with predictive fraud detection, store performance prediction, store location modeling, and media and marketing spend analysis—all designed to reduce profit loss. Our customized services include:

  • Predictive risk and shrink analytics
    Deliver store-, associate-, and item-level insights.
  • Advanced point-of-sale analytics
    Detect fraud, mitigate risk, and maximize profits across all your business channels.
  • Real estate analysis
    Get location-based intelligence on crime, demographics, and customers.
  • Customer and competitive insights
    Understand wallet share and media spend impact.
  • Video and image analytics
    Add or augment data sets with dynamically generated insights.
  • Custom analytics
    Discover new insights with custom and industry-specific models.

Our products at a glance

Our n(act)™ web-based platform brings together multiple data sources to provide dynamic centralized reporting and advanced analytic insights to retailers.

APIS (Aspect Protection Information System)
APIS is our industry-leading incident management tool that lets retailers collect, analyze, report, and collaborate on critical incident and case data, using advanced workflow and alerting processes.

Aspect EliteLP™
Aspect EliteLP™ identifies exceptions to normal point-of-sale activities, exposing possible employee theft, fraud, or training and operational deficiencies.