Verisk businesses provide insight and services in key areas

Wood Mackenzie, PowerAdvocate, and Verisk Maplecroft are global leaders that help customers in the oil and gas, metals and mining, power and renewables, and chemicals markets make better strategic and operational decisions.

Together, these businesses offer unique insights and analytics for identifying opportunities and reducing risk exposures.


Wood Mackenzie

Wood Mackenzie is a global leader in commercial intelligence for the natural resources sector—empowering the world’s key energy companies, financial institutions, and governments to make better strategic decisions using objective analysis and deep industry knowledge on assets, companies, and markets.

Our dedicated oil, gas, power and renewables, chemicals, and metals and mining sector teams are located around the world to support our global client base, working with strategy and policy makers, business developers and market analysts, corporate finance, risk teams, and investors. Our analysts deliver research and consulting projects based on the assessment and valuation of thousands of individual assets, companies, and economic indicators, such as market supply, demand, and price trends.

 Subscriptions: Access the latest objective insights, industry-leading data, visualization tools, and models on our secure online portal. Clients can speak directly to subject matter experts worldwide who are available to share their specialist knowledge.

 Online store: Take advantage of our independent analyses with instant access to more than 14,000 asset, corporate, market, and themed reports that clients can purchase online to study the latest insights.

 Consulting: Tackle bespoke challenges with tailored advice and actionable strategies from our global consulting team. Strengthened by a leading research division and embedded in the industry, we’re uniquely placed to understand our clients’ businesses and the wider competitive landscape.



PowerAdvocate provides actionable insight to energy companies, helping asset-intensive businesses achieve operational and financial excellence, increase profitability, and optimize business performance. The company delivers these insights through its Energy Intelligence software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform and with expert services.

 SaaS: Our insight delivery platform uses machine learning technology trained on the industry’s most comprehensive proprietary database. We leverage our nonreplicable $3.0 trillion data set of transactional information to inform clients of opportunities to partner with their suppliers more efficiently—yielding lower costs and improved enterprise performance.

 Client services business: Our experienced engineers, supply chain professionals, and commercial structuring experts use technology, data, and proprietary approaches to enhance operations and maintenance savings, realize integration efficiencies through strategic management of spend and suppliers, and improve management and execution of capital programs.

Verisk Maplecroft

By working with Verisk Maplecroft, global oil and gas and mining companies can gain a strategic understanding of how their technical and commercial imperatives interact with above-ground risks in terms of impact, exposure, and consequence. Through a unique combination of industry-specific locational risk data, independent expert analysis, and on-the-ground insights, clients can make more effective commercial decisions by:

  • anticipating shifts in the political and regulatory risk landscape of key markets
  • assessing threats, challenges, and opportunities to new country entry
  • identifying and managing reputational risks from human rights and environmental issues

 Global risk analytics: Build a 360-degree perspective of sector-specific risks through an unparalleled portfolio of global risk indices that provide a unique country-level screening tool across 150-plus issues and 198 countries.

 Above-ground risk service: Stay ahead of current and emerging political, security, social, and environmental risks in producing countries with in-depth country risk analysis, monitoring, and data.

 Corporate Exposure Tool: Evaluate asset-level risk exposure using a combination of Verisk Maplecroft’s industry-leading ESG (environmental, social, and governance) and political risk analytics and Wood Mackenzie’s oil and gas data on more than 10,000 assets.

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