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How would you rather spend time and money: monitoring US court cases or incorporating the impact of legal decisions into your business strategy?

Tracking US insurance case law, dissecting complex coverage issues, and analysing the potential impact of decisions on policy language can be costly and time-consuming for the London insurance market.

Why is tracking insurance case law important?

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This real-world example highlights the intricacies and challenges the London insurance market faces when tracking precedents in a highly-dynamic, legal environment.

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CourtSide can help

CourtSide is an out-of-the-box solution that aggregates and scores thousands of insurance-related legal decisions in the US curated by ISO professionals into highly structured, focused data and visualisations.*

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New legal decisions released relevant to the general liability (GL) line of business alone

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Federal and state courts nationwide releasing new decisions

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Billable attorney or staff hours needed to track, aggregate, and analyse new cases and topics**

Your new, comprehensive resource for case law tracking and analytics

By gathering legal decisions from every state appellate and supreme court as well as every federal district and appellate court, CourtSide provides:

  • ongoing updates of insurance-specific cases
  • a built-in, topic-specific scoring system
  • correlation between terms appearing in select case law and policy language
  • structured case law data by jurisdiction
  • a case law library consisting of approximately 10,000 GL-related decisions

…all in a user-friendly dashboard with data extraction capability to facilitate your own analysis.

*Version 1.0 limited to GL data
**ISO research

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