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Xactware Announces New Vai-Powered Technology for Image Detection to Assist the Contents Packout Industry

Object Recognition lets packout professionals identify, document, and detail personal property items in seconds

LEHI, Utah, April 23, 2020 — Packout professionals can save significant time inventorying contents items with new Verisk Vai™ technology in Xactware’s ContentsTrack® app. Xactware is a Verisk (Nasdaq:VRSK) business with decades of experience providing contents estimating and packout solutions.

Object Recognition accelerates contents inventorying by allowing packout professionals to use the camera on smart devices to identify personal property items, capture a photo to document its condition, and enter an item description. This new feature in ContentsTrack is part of the next generation of InsurTech solutions powered by Verisk artificial intelligence and automation, or Vai.

“The success of a packout comes down to one factor: efficiency,” said Xactware President Mike Fulton. “The faster you can inventory thousands of personal property items and transport them to the warehouse, the faster you can restore those items and return them to satisfied homeowners. With Object Recognition, packout professionals can operate with even greater efficiency while on-site.”  

To use Object Recognition, packout professionals open the ContentsTrack app on their smart device and then tap to add a new item to the inventory. They can then point their smart device camera at the object. The Vai object-recognition technology identifies the item, enters a description, and lets the packout professional select “Clean,” “Replace,” “Questionable,” or “Storage” from a list of options.  

“It’s a game changer for us to be able to just take a picture and have Object Recognition help create the inventory,” said Holly Murry, vice president of FRSTeam. “It adds further transparency in our claims process, which is amazing.”

Object Recognition is currently available in ContentsTrack for iOS and will be available in ContentsTrack for Android in May 2020. To learn more, visit

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Xactware specializes in technologies for the property insurance, remodeling, restoration, and mortgage and lending industries. Xactware’s tools provide claims estimating, contents replacement, claims management, and property maintenance solutions for desktop, mobile, and online platforms. Xactware’s services include repair cost research and reports, aerial imagery, and real-time business intelligence. Xactware has been providing cloud services for customers since 1995. Xactware is a Verisk (Nasdaq:VRSK) business. For more information about Xactware’s solutions, contact Xactware at 1-800-424-9228 or

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