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The View from My 50 Years at Verisk

Verisk has changed a lot since its founding in 1971, but one constant throughout the ensuing years has been our company’s commitment to serving our customers with the highest levels of quality, service, and innovation.

Another constant has been Senior Customer Service Representative Nancy Greene, who’s embodied that commitment since joining the company 50 years ago. As she starts to think about retiring, Nancy reflects on her incredible five decades in customer service at Verisk.

Vintage Calculator 1 Nancy at her desk in the ISO offices, 1981.

How did you join the company that would become Verisk?

In June 1971, I joined the Middle Department Association of Fire Underwriters, an ISO team based out of Philadelphia, as an examiner. I made sure the correct rates, forms, and endorsements were applied to fire policies.

It was difficult in the beginning; there was a lot of information to read, learn, and assimilate. I didn’t have a background in insurance, so it was challenging to learn about commercial lines so quickly, but I was able to catch on.

How did your career progress from there?

A lot of new opportunities came my way over the years. I’ve served as a senior examiner; I’ve handled financial and personnel duties for the team’s office; I’ve been a group leader in telecommunications and quality control analysis; and I’ve spent 25 of my 50 years here in Customer Service, including the last 12 years.

Even though I’ve done many different things for the organization, I keep coming back to Customer Service. I enjoy the work, and it feels like I make a positive impact here. I’ve always felt that Customer Service is at the forefront in representing our company through our relationships with customers.

How has the role of Customer Service at Verisk changed over the years?

Customer Service has expanded in many ways. Originally, we were limited to handling calls and paper correspondence within a limited number of states. Now we handle processing work nationwide. With automation and computers, the availability to access abundant information lets us perform at a higher level than in the past.

Vintage Calculator 1Photograph by Rama, Wikimedia Commons, Cc-by-sa-2.0-fr

How have advances in technology helped you serve our customers better?

At the beginning of my career, everything was done by telephone. Email didn’t exist, so you had to write a note. We had to calculate mathematical rates ourselves with a pad and pencil. When we did have calculators, they were huge, and just to get a two-digit number, you had to wait.

Now I no longer have to put customers on hold so I can walk to the other end of the office to pull a paper file and then back again. I still like paper manuals as references but being able to search for information online has been a tremendous move for anyone in customer service today.

Using a mouse was a challenge in the beginning; my coworkers got a big laugh when I moved the mouse over my entire desk until I got the hang of it and was able to keep it on the mouse pad.

It’s also wonderful being able to connect faster with people and communicate more broadly. When I first started at the organization, and even when I joined ISO, which was bigger, we felt like we were an isolated office, and no one even knew we existed.

Now, we have more communication, and we can read about what’s going on. I may not know everything that’s happening in Jersey City across all departments, but just learning even a bit of all the work we do is important.

Honestly, most days make me smile, if I can help someone. After all, that’s what I am here to do in Customer Service. I’ve made a lot of friends, and I enjoy the work.

What are you proudest of as you look back? Do any accomplishments or projects still make you smile?

When I was in production control, I was sent to Delaware to train field reps on how they should submit files for our commercial sprinkler surveys. It was interesting meeting people outside of the office, a nice change of pace.

Honestly, most days make me smile, if I can help someone. After all, that’s what I am here to do in Customer Service. I’ve made a lot of friends, and I enjoy the work.

What advice would you give to people just starting their careers?

I always say, “Don’t think you can’t do something.” Take a chance. If there’s a job opening that you’re interested in, go for it. When I was younger, I ended up applying for my first job here, and I got it even though I never thought I would. Now I’ve been with Verisk for 50 years, and I still enjoy it. Never limit yourself by thinking, “this is all I can do.”

Verisk’s focus on the customer is key to everything we do; it’s been that way for the past 50 years through all the changes we’ve seen. With team members like Nancy, we’ll help customers thrive amid the changes to come in the next 50 years.

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