Additional Risk Assessment Services

Verisk also offers unique reports, evaluations, and analytics to supplement Property Condition Assessment (PCA) reports and annual assessments to help lenders and investors make more insightful risk assessment decisions. That, in turn, increases the reliability of financial and risk models used to analyze portfolios. Our additional commercial real estate services include:

Insurance Assessments

Insurance Assessments expertly analyze commercial property coverages to help lenders protect investments. We review current protection and compare it to what’s optimal to safeguard the property, then make recommendations on appropriate insurance levels, terms, and conditions. We’ll assess property, primary liability, excess/umbrella, seismic, and catastrophe coverage for a specific property or your entire portfolio. Other related services are also available.

Property Screening Report

Our Property Screening Report provides insight into the financial risks and benefits associated with each tenant within a commercial building. We help you understand the financial opportunities and potential pitfalls of a commercial property. Tenant information includes financial history, current condition, and growth clues that may indicate future behavior.

Commercial Building Insight Report

Our Commercial Building Insight Report provides you with the most comprehensive proprietary data and analytics available. Drawn from several Verisk divisions and businesses, it covers replacement costs, catastrophic losses, occupant details, local fire department grades, and more.