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Solving Complex Problems with Integrity and a Commitment to Belonging

Sakya Dasgupta, Vice President and Professional Services Leader, Verisk Financial | Fintellix

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What’s your role at Verisk?

I’m part of the Verisk Financial | Fintellix leadership team, and I assist in creating and executing strategies for our organization. I lead the Fintellix professional services team, which specializes in two broad areas:

  • We provide regulatory and supervisory products and solutions to financial services clients and to regulators.
  • We provide digital solutions to financial services clients.

My team works with clients across Asia, Australia, Africa, and Europe. I engage with clients’ senior management regularly to chart solutions for their regulatory and digital needs. We provide cutting-edge product consulting and solutions that help clients meet regulatory demands across various jurisdictions. I also assist our product teams in taking architecture calls for future data architecture and technology fitments in client environments and assist the sales team during sales pitches.

What initially attracted you to Verisk and the role you’re in today?

Verisk’s vision is to become the world’s most effective and responsible data and analytics company in pursuit of our customer’s most strategic opportunities. As a passionate data and analytics practitioner, I found a perfect home in Verisk!

Before joining the organization, Verisk Financial leaders were thorough in explaining what my roles and responsibilities would be, as well as clearly charting my career path in the organization. I met with a few of my team members before I joined, and the warmth they showed me made my decision easy.

I also read through some of Scott’s thought leadership on various online forums, and the way he explained how Verisk helps clients’ decision-making and how Verisk impacts society left a very big impression on me.

How would you describe a typical day?

Pre-COVID-19, a typical day consisted of visits to office and client locations. I’d often meet my teams in the office to review project updates. I’d meet with client stakeholders face-to-face and help them build their strategies around regulatory reporting and risk mitigation. We’d conduct multiple brainstorming sessions to devise the perfect data architecture or analytical solutions. I really enjoyed whiteboarding sessions with our product teams to define the course for our risk and regulatory products. Sometimes, we’d carry the discussions and debates into our coffee and lunch breaks. We celebrated successes in-person at our favorite pubs and eateries.

During COVID-19 and due to lockdowns, everything has shifted online. I start my day with virtual team meetings to decide on strategic priorities for the day, followed by client discussions on project statuses, priorities, and risk mitigations. While the virtual medium offers the advantage of saving time on travel, additional complexities sometimes arise. We’ve tried various measures to successfully mitigate these complexities and our new approaches are working very well. I try to find the perfect balance between my work time and personal time.

As post-pandemic life starts to return, I look forward to more face-to-face collaborations again with my teammates and clients.

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What’s the most rewarding part of your job?

For me, the success of my team is the most rewarding part. As a leader, I strongly believe that it’s up to us to nurture talent for tomorrow and build a succession plan. I try my best to engage with my team members—both at a personal and professional level—to understand them and help them make the best decisions in their careers. I offer them guidance and assistance and have their backs in difficult times. It gives me immense satisfaction when my team members become successful in their endeavors.

How have Verisk's innovative solutions helped regulatory reporting and data management in the financial services industry?

Regulatory cost for the financial services industry has increased more than 10 times in the last decade. Financial services organizations are in constant need of innovation to thrive in complex regulatory environments. Our deep knowledge of the domain—complemented by our technical expertise—helps clients comply with regulations in their specific jurisdictions.

Fintellix is a market leader in providing regulatory reporting solutions to customers in India. Our unique combination of a standardized data model—coupled with cutting-edge technologies to handle and analyze large volumes of data in a short period of time—helps us gain market traction. We’ve built our product features with the customer as the central focus, fully capturing their needs and delivering solutions to our clients. Our clients greatly appreciate our ability to scale up to satisfy immediate regulatory demands.

How does your team transform data into insights to help our customers manage risk?

Regulatory reporting typically comprises more than 80% of banks’ data. Our product platform enables our customers to enter that raw, granular data from their source systems into the Fintellix application seamlessly and in a timely manner. Once the data is entered in our application, our solution provides front-end screens for the users to analyze the data and configure rules for creating reports. The users can play out various scenarios in a self-service model to better ensure the correct data is published to the regulators. Our flexible solution helps the user mitigate the risk of misreporting. Various built-in validations and reconciliation reports help ensure that the submissions are error-free.

Diversity and inclusion are integral to Verisk's culture. What's your role as a core member of the Verisk Equality Committee?

Organizations across the globe are trying to increase diversity and inclusion, but unless the people in your organization truly feel they belong—regardless of how diverse their backgrounds or experiences might be—you’ll never realize the full potential of the talent you’ve worked so hard to attract. That’s what inspired me to join the Verisk Equality Committee sub-committee on workplace belonging.

As a member of this sub-committee, I identify how we can make sure that all our employees, vendors, and customers feel that they belong here. My idea is to break the mindset that you must conform to the dominant or prevalent culture in an organization, to help people be their authentic selves.

What career advice would you give someone looking to join Verisk?

I believe Verisk stands firmly on its core values of respect, integrity, passion, persistence, confidence, excellence, and teamwork. I believe any individual looking to join our esteemed organization needs to also believe in these core values. Additionally, if someone has the right aptitude to learn how to solve complex and strategic customer problems using data and analytics, Verisk is the place to be.

What most excites you about the future of Verisk?

Ever-increasing complexities in global and local regulations are forcing financial services organizations to evolve and innovate almost every day. Fintellix is at the right juncture to assist the market in adopting a risk-free way of doing business in the future.

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