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Journeying Towards a Diverse and More Inclusive Future

Dianne Greene, Vice President, Diversity and Inclusion

What’s your role at Verisk?

I’m the global head of diversity and inclusion (D&I) at Verisk. I’m responsible for working with the company’s D&I Leadership Council, business and function leaders, and colleagues across the enterprise to ensure Verisk lives up to the highest standards for an inclusive culture. This includes creating, implementing, and executing on Verisk’s short- and long-term D&I strategy; monitoring and measuring D&I in our people practices globally; and educating and nurturing a culture of inclusion and belonging to support internal talent, customers, suppliers, and the communities we serve worldwide.

As a champion for D&I, I lead with empathy and passion to create positive change for all stakeholders globally. I’m an ardent culture carrier with business leadership experience—a unique skillset in the D&I space. I also recognize and celebrate diverse experiences, backgrounds, and ideas, helping to ensure that we can be our authentic selves and, therefore, be our best in the workplace.

Dianne Greene, Verisk’s VP of Inclusion, Diversity & Belonging

What initially attracted you to Verisk and the role you’re in today?

I was drawn to Verisk’s bold, public-facing Statement on Racial Equity and Diversity. At a time when the tragedies of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and others were playing out on social media and other outlets, I was impressed by the duty of care that Verisk’s leadership declared to employees and to the world. And this was despite the pandemic and challenges of working from home, home-schooling children, our loved ones' wellness, and our own self-care.

Once I started the interview process, I was inspired by the consistency I heard across the company on initiatives such as D&I; engagement; corporate social responsibility (CSR) and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) priorities; community involvement; innovation; and global mindsets. I thought, “I need to be a part of this momentum and to help lead Verisk in implementing systemic change.”

How would you describe a typical day?

My day starts with meditation and prayer, followed by some form of exercise— a walk, indoor/outdoor cycling, or stretching. I’m in my first month here at Verisk and once I log on, I proceed to a series of meetings, which include one-on-one meetings for my listening tour where I learn about the culture, our businesses, and the underlying sentiment around D&I. In four weeks, I’ve had more than 60 of these one-on-ones and I’ve fully immersed myself as a student of our global organization. I leave each meeting feeling enlightened and energized by newly formed partnerships and the challenging work ahead.

Diversity in the workforce drives business value

What career advice would you give someone looking to join Verisk?

Bring your unique and authentic self to Verisk! We value, support, and celebrate our differences. We know that diverse experiences lead to greater innovation, improved engagement, continuous learning, and positive results for the individual and the company.

What most excites you about Verisk and the future?

What most excites me about our future is the firm foundation we’re setting around D&I—the commitment to understanding D&I on a global scale and the growth impact on our businesses. Verisk understands that we have the ability to reflect the cultural and ethnic landscape of our environment through the maturation of our D&I practices and policies.

Besides joining an organization where everyone is consistently nice, warm, and welcoming, I’m most excited about the solid commitment from our most senior levels around D&I and the genuine interest across the company to do what’s right and make D&I imperative for meaningful and sustainable change within Verisk (and the communities we serve).

The future is bright for Verisk, and I’m excited to be here on our journey.

Verisk’s Latinx/Hispanic Employee Network highlights cultural diversity

As one of our eight Employee Networks, the Verisk Unidos Network promotes awareness of Latinx and Hispanic culture and supports the community through networking, educational outreach, and coaching.

How does a diverse and inclusive workforce drive business value?

The business case for D&I has been repeatedly proven. Studies by the Harvard Business Review, McKinsey, and the World Economic Forum, for example, extoll the tremendous impact D&I has on the bottom line. These studies show that diverse and inclusive work environments significantly outperform homogenous ones in innovation, creation, speed to market, revenue, and financial performance. Diverse backgrounds and inclusive perspectives lead to the creation of resilient and sustainable organizations that:

  1. Enhance competitiveness in a global economy
  2. Increase the ability to attract and keep top talent
  3. Improve their global brands and ability to operate across multiple cultures

Customers, suppliers, and boards want to know your company’s D&I brand, what you’re doing with respect to ESG and CSR, and your position on social issues and human rights. The most successful companies link D&I goals to their business goals and priorities.

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