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Will Colorado establish a mandatory child support data match program?

The Colorado Legislature is currently debating HB 1165, which would establish a mandatory child support insurance claims data match program. At present, based on input from various stakeholders, the House and the Senate are locked in a debate on the mandatory aspect of the match program. Just as it does with any new legislative change, the ISO ClaimSearch® team will continue to monitor the bill’s status so that any necessary matching changes can be made in advance.

Below are some key items we have highlighted regarding the legislation.

Please note that the below items are meant to provide a brief summary of some of the larger changes and should not be used as a substitute for your own full and detailed review.

  • Colorado has identified insurance claim payments falling under the program as the following:
    a) personal injury
    b) wrongful death
    c) workers' compensation
  • The bill includes payment carve-outs for actual medical expenses, attorney fees, witness fees, and court costs, as well as reasonable litigation expenses.
  • An immunity provision excludes insurance companies, agencies, reporting organizations, or employees of the above from liability or damage actions based on actions taken in good faith pursuant to Section 3, 26-13-122.7.

Insurer trades and the child support commission are active in the discussions on the bill, and once the bill is enacted, ISO will work to ensure that the ISO ClaimSearch CSEA Reporting Service serves as a compliance vehicle for ISO ClaimSearch customers.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding HB 1165 and how it might affect your current or future reporting, please feel free to reach out to

Stephen Adams

Stephen Adams is an ISO ClaimSearch senior compliance analyst. He handles child support reporting services and various compliance services for ISO ClaimSearch, the property/casualty insurance industry’s all-claims database. Mr. Adams has more than four years of claims experience in the property/casualty industry, with a specialization in personal auto, specifically high-risk lines of business.

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