What’s worse than a faulty hotel room key?

By Rick Vance  |  November 5, 2014

Insuring a hotel where all the keys are corrupt.

One thing common to every office I’ve worked in is the unique cases or situations that reach the internal grapevine: “Did you hear about the request that just came in from Customer Service?” We all get our share of calls that make the rounds. In fact, we received an unusual request from a client not long ago.

Our client, a national insurer with a number of hotels in its portfolio, had a challenge it couldn’t quite figure out or resolve. Many of its hotel customers were experiencing issues with their electronic room keys and locks. That created a security concern, but the insurer was uncertain about the precise source and full extent of the issue. The problem exposed them to the potential risk of significant unanticipated losses.

Put yourself in that carrier’s position for a moment. What would you do? You can assign staff to investigate, but that’s costly, time-consuming, and probably not the best use of staff. On the other hand, doing nothing isn’t a good option either, given the potential for loss. Our client decided to call us for help.

The Verisk Commercial Property PhoneAssist team went to work. They analyzed the situation and, working with our client, developed a specific program to address the issue. The team contacted every hotel in question and compiled accurate data — including manufacturers, models, and serial numbers — on the locks installed in the guest rooms. Using the information we supplied, the insurer confirmed the extent of the risk in its portfolio and took appropriate action by reaching out to its customers to correct the problem.

You perform many important and strategic functions essential for risk control that are often costly and time-consuming — and rather tedious. For example, most companies need to confirm that the insured performed recommended remediation. We can do that. Do you need phone surveys for underwriting home-based or mobile businesses that don’t require full-scale on-site surveys? We do that, too. How about contacting properties in advance of inspectors’ visits (either your own internal loss control or third-party providers’ inspectors) to make sure they have access and current property information? Yes, we do that, too — and more.

Verisk’s PhoneAssist is a suite of low-cost phone support services that help you improve underwriting and rating processes, reduce time and expenses, and increase productivity while maintaining first-rate customer service. We know your business, understand insurance, and can assist you in solving the challenges you face.

Our team of more than 120 National Processing Center professionals is standing by to make your calls. For more information about PhoneAssist, go to our website, contact your account representative, or call 1-800-444-4554, option 3.

Rick Vance

Rick Vance is the director of the National Processing Center.