wcNavigator® helps manage workers' compensation costs

By Robert Lewis  |  December 12, 2013

wcNavigator®, the latest technology innovation from ISO Crowe Paradis, offers an accurate and reliable way to spot difficult workers' compensation cases before they spiral out of control. Our modeling system is the first tool in the marketplace that offers ISO-aggregated industry information to supplement your own historical claims data.

Claims may escalate because of many factors, including:

  • unnecessary treatment
  • psychological issues
  • social circumstances
  • comorbidities
  • use of opioid medications
  • secondary gain and fraud

wcNavigator® helps you achieve better claims outcomes and gives a more complete picture of industry experience. By providing broad industry benchmarking, wcNavigator® offers:

  • comprehensive industry information that no claims department can get on its own
  • actionable insights based on sophisticated modeling algorithms that help claims professionals get claims on the right track early in the process
  • improved results based on a more comprehensive array of industry data
  • benchmarking capabilities to ensure more reliable predictive-scoring outputs
  • the ability to triage cases proactively
  • the capacity to assign the right staff to the most challenging claims

wcNavigator®empowers your claims department to take swift and decisive action in identifying potentially volatile claims and dramatically improving results.

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Rob Lewis

Robert Lewis is president of ISO Claims Partners, a leading provider of compliance services for many of the world’s largest insurers, third-party administrators, and Fortune 1000 companies. His primary focus is on strategic initiatives and product innovations.