4 Key SIU Case Manager Features

By James Horner  |  December 13, 2012

Learn about the most important features in SIU Case Manager and particular benefits for different types of users, from claim handlers to SIU directors. The system provides the functionality you need to streamline SIU operations and increase recoveries relative to cost. The four key SIU Case Manager features to consider are:

1. ISO ClaimSearch® integration: SIU Case Manager integrates with ISO ClaimSearch, which currently has more than 830 million claims records. This reduces the risk of inaccuracies caused by manual entry and cuts the overhead associated with investigations by streamlining the process. Investigators can spend more time investigating — and less time on data entry.

2. Proactive alerts: Users receive alerts when new cases are referred to them and when existing cases are updated with new data. As a result, SIU Case Manager helps investigators stay current with their caseload, resulting in fewer cases falling through the cracks.

3. NICB referral: SIU Case Manager users can refer cases to the NICB and state insurance fraud bureaus from within the system, reducing the time and effort normally required for this task.

4. Accelerated implementation: As a hosted solution, SIU Case Manager needs very little IT intervention for implementation and use. You can thus get started with it quickly and accelerate the benefits.

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