VIDEO: Eighty Percent of Stolen Heavy Equipment Is Gone Forever: What Can You Do?

By Ryan Shepherd  |  June 5, 2012

Each year, thieves steal hundreds of millions of dollars' worth of heavy equipment from job sites and farms across North America. Eighty percent of that equipment is never returned to the rightful owner.

What can you do about it?

There’s a simple, inexpensive measure you can take to protect your equipment: Register it with the National Equipment Register (NER) on our HELPtech® database. We’ve produced an informative video that explains how HELPtech works and why it’s a critical tool in the fight against heavy-equipment theft. Watch it in the viewer above.

As you’ll see, it's essential to record information about heavy equipment. Unlike automobiles, there's no DMV for heavy equipment. Without a centralized database of equipment information, law enforcement would have no way to identify owners of stolen property.

Insurers have recognized the value of HELPtech registration: A number of them offer deductible waivers to clients who register their equipment with NER. The video also explains how our IRONcheck® vehicle history report lets buyers check equipment ownership before purchasing, thereby exercising due diligence.

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If you can’t see the three-minute video above, you can watch it on YouTube here.