Traffic Congestion Causing Problems for the Trucking Industry

By Andrew Blancher  |  May 13, 2014

If you think sitting in traffic is a waste of time, think about how it affects the trucking industry? According to a report by the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI), congestion on the country’s interstate highways cost the trucking industry more than $9.2 billion last year. To put it in another way — that’s 141 million hours of lost productivity or more than 51,000 truck drivers sitting idle for a working year. ATRI used motor carrier financial data and billions of anonymous truck GPS data points to calculate congestion delays and costs on each mile of interstate roadway.

Congestion, though, is just one of many issues facing the trucking industry. An article I wrote in this month’s issue of Rough Notes explores how new federal safety regulations, a shortage of drivers, and, of course, increased traffic are posing new challenges for trucking. I also examine some of the issues the industry will face down the road, including new fuel efficiency standards and the prospect of telematics in commercial auto insurance. Speaking of which, if you have any questions about ISO’s commercial auto insurance program, please e-mail me at Keep on trucking!

Andrew Blancher

Andrew Blancher is Senior Manager in the Commercial Automobile Line Division at Insurance Services Office (ISO). He is responsible for overseeing the development, revision and maintenance of ISO's Commercial Automobile forms and rules programs. He is also responsible for supporting Commercial Automobile loss costs.