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The Clear ROI Case for Cargo Theft Prevention and Recovery

In the transportation and logistics sector, investments in cargo theft prevention and recovery come at the expense of already thin margins — and that’s for protection from an event that may not occur. When an event does occur, however, the case for return on investment is clear.

That said, in the real world, the threat of cargo theft is high, and chances are your company — or your supply chain partners — will be hit.

According to a recent report by Deloitte, The Ripple Effect: How manufacturing and retail executives view the growing challenge of supply chain risk, 85 percent of companies with global supply chains experienced at least one disruption in the past 12 months. According to data that CargoNet®, a division of Verisk Crime Analytics, will reveal in its next cargo theft annual report: In the United States, routes of above-average length are particularly vulnerable, suggesting that richer targets provide an opportunity for specific protection measures.

Because of the high incidence of supply chain disruption worldwide — not to mention specific factors such as just-in-time inventory and seasonal business flows — an investment in protecting your cargo shipments becomes much more likely to generate returns. If not in the first year, you can nearly count on experiencing an incident within the next three to five years, say CargoNet analysts.

Register now to be notified when the full CargoNet report is available. It will include data showing the major U.S. cargo theft trends from 2012:

  • top states for cargo theft
  • most common theft locations (for example, parking lots, truck stops, distribution centers)
  • most frequent time of week and time of year for incidents
  • commodity types, loss values, and other incident details

Contact CargoNet directly at 1-888-595-CNET (2638) to get started.

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