Take Advantage of Subrogation Now

By Michael Rivers  |  August 21, 2012

Did you read our last blog post on subrogation? Studies suggest that carriers could recover far more claims payments than they do today. With the right resources in place, subrogation becomes faster, easier, and more effective.

Our new subrogation tool from ISO Claims Outcome Advisor (COA™) can help. Using ISO Liability Navigator, claims adjusters can:

  • quickly identify subrogation opportunities
  • refer claims with only a few mouse clicks
  • better manage vendors to minimize expenses
  • contribute to lower loss ratios with very little increase in workload

So how does it work?
First, you add ISO Subrogation Advisor to your claims-handling process and use the tool to identify claims with subrogation potential. Then, based on the subrogation and liability status the system reveals, you refer high-potential claims to your subrogation unit for assignment and handling.

In addition to eliminating the time it takes to compile numbers and generate reports, ISO Subrogation Advisor helps keep claims from falling through the cracks.

Remember: Each missed subrogation opportunity is an unnecessary loss payment.

ISO Subrogation Advisor provides the tools your adjusters need to manage high case loads more effectively:

  • an adjuster dashboard
  • case notes
  • diary
  • electronic document management (one of the items many claims systems are lacking)
  • links to relevant websites

ISO Subrogation Advisor streamlines the entire subrogation process, making it easier to pursue subrogation opportunities, measure and manage recoveries and expenses, and make sure the right people see the right claims sooner.