Auto Liability Insurance

Rhode Island no longer accepting SR-22 filings

Effective immediately, the Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicles will no longer require, and will no longer accept, SR-22 financial responsibility filings.

Mississippi revises proof-of-coverage requirements

This Mississippi Legislature voted to revise the penalties for the crime of failure to have proof of liability insurance coverage.

Illinois legislation requires out-of-state auto coverage

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner is expected to sign legislation requiring vehicles registered out of state to be covered by liability insurance when driven in Illinois.

Michigan allows electronic proof of auto insurance liability coverage

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder signed legislation authorizing the electronic delivery of certain notices and documents relating to insurance policies, including auto insurance ID cards.

ALIR State Requirements

Click map to see full infographic Thirty-six states have automobile liability insurance reporting (ALIR) programs, also known as electronic state reporting programs. Three states are holding discussions or legislative...

Utah Online Insurance Verification System (OIVS) effective July 1, 2013

Starting this July, Utah will use its Online Insurance Verification System (OIVS) to electronically verify evidence of coverage with insurance companies. The Utah Legislature created the state’s OIVS when it passed...

Florida extends deadline for XML conversion of automobile liability insurance reporting (ALIR)

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles extended its deadline for insurers to convert their automobile liability insurance reporting (ALIR) format from a flat file to XML. The new date is April 15,...