Risk reduction through marketing

By Ray Palermo  |  August 6, 2015


Personal lines auto insurers are always looking for ways to provide added value to customers while also reducing risk — something to keep the marketing and underwriting departments happy. For an auto insurer, launching a driver safety program is an effortless way to do so. These programs are routinely offered to customers at low or no cost, resulting in better customer retention and risk control.

Over the years, that approach has been used almost exclusively by auto insurers. Although other insurance lines could easily adopt this successful customer-retention model, for the most part they haven’t considered doing so. They’ve been unaware of a resource that provides quality value-added information for them to pass on to insureds.

Learn it Solutions, a member of the Verisk Analytics Family of Companies, has provided high-quality instructional courseware and a 24/7 online campus to some of the nation’s leading corporations since 1999. One of their programs is designed to improve insurer customer loyalty and risk control across several insurance lines.

With a vast library of online training courses from which to choose, all insurers can easily replicate the successful auto insurer marketing model with a program appropriate for their business.

Here are just a few ways a commercial property insurer can use the videos with customers:

  • a loss prevention course for retail insureds at a lower cost than purchasing it outright
  • free forklift safety modules for workers' compensation customers
  • driver safety instruction for commercial property insureds with large fleets
  • OSHA HazCom training for manufacturers
  • theft and shoplifting prevention, human resources, appropriate use of force, and other risk exposure topics for a wide range of customers

All Learn it Solutions courses are available for insurers to provide to their customers. You can market the courses as a free, discounted, or at-cost risk reduction program. And everything can be tailored and branded to fit your customer retention and marketing strategy.

To get all the details, buy a customized or off-the-shelf product, or create a pilot marketing program, visit Learn it Solutions directly to arrange a free consultation.

Ray Palermo

Ray Palermo is manager, Marketing and Communications, at Verisk Insurance Solutions. Verisk Insurance Solutions is a Verisk Analytics (Nasdaq:VRSK) business.