Rhode Island mandates auto liability insurance reporting

By Lacy Berthold  |  August 5, 2013

Rhode Island governor Lincoln Chafee signed H.B. 5438 and S.B. 771 into law on July 15, 2013. The bills mandate a comprehensive statutory program to verify compliance with motor vehicle owners’ and operators’ mandatory liability insurance requirements. The act takes effect July 1, 2014.

Every property/casualty insurance company licensed to issue auto insurance in Rhode Island must provide verification of insurance for every vehicle it insures in Rhode Island.

Reporting of commercial auto coverage is optional.

Insurers must submit records to the state with the following information:

  • year, make, model, and VIN
  • policy number, effective date, and expiration date of each policy
  • name, date of birth, and address of the named insured
  • driver's license number of each insured owner or operator if available

Each insurer must provide the information electronically or by any means the Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicles designates acceptable.

For each day the insurer fails to report, the DMV may assess a fine of up to $250.

CV-ALIR® monitors insurance reporting rules in all states and updates existing customers whenever more information becomes available.

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Lacy Muntean

Lacy Berthold is Supervisor over the CV-Exchange Support Team. She is responsible for on-boarding new customers and providing ongoing support to both customers and trading partners.