Revised Personal Auto Class Plan

By Vincent Conti February 15, 2012

If you’re familiar with GLM, Bailey's methodologies, and the Tweedie distribution, where p = 1.67, then you may want to watch our web seminar on the Personal Auto Class Plan. If you don't know about Tweedie — no, I don’t mean the little yellow bird — then you may need to watch the session.

During the second quarter of 2012, ISO will be revising the Personal Auto Class Plan. It will be the first major revision in roughly ten years. To find out what the changes mean to you, watch this important seminar. You’ll hear about the reasoning behind the effort, the methodology used, the changes we’ll be filing, and the effects of the changes on your customers.

The new plan refines the rating factors for many classes of insureds. For example, in the old plan, drivers between 17 and 20 years old received the same rating factors as drivers over 75. The new plan provides factors for drivers of different ages —at one-year intervals — from 17 to 90. To find out about other changes and how they’ll improve your business, watch our web seminar on the Revised Personal Auto Class Plan.