Quality Planning rating integrity services now integrated fully into Verisk Underwriting

By Raj Bhat  |  October 31, 2013

Since 1999, the property/casualty insurance industry has relied on Quality Planning Corporation (QPC) for services that identify insurance rating errors and mitigate premium leakage.

In 2004, QPC became part of the family of companies now known as Verisk Analytics. Now we’ve taken the next step: formally integrating the QPC suite of services, just as they existed as part of QPC, into the Verisk Insurance Solutions – Underwriting Division at Verisk.

We continue to deliver the same services insurers depend on to manage rating error. Plus, our clients can now take advantage of the comprehensive portfolio of insurance services that the Verisk Insurance Solutions Division offers — to help manage risk at every stage of the underwriting process.

What has changed:

  • We’ve moved our web presence to www.verisk.com/underwriting. If you go to www.qualityplanning.com, we’ll redirect you to the correct web address.
  • Our other communications have adopted the design elements of the Verisk Insurance Solutions – Underwriting Division.

 What hasn’t changed:

  • services and functionality
  • our account teams
  • the way our customers  do business with us and access our services
  • the terms and conditions of existing contracts

We look forward to continuing to serve the industry’s underwriting needs. Combining our superior data resources, analytics, and programs with the complete array of offerings from Verisk Insurance Solutions allows us to deliver even greater value. If you have questions, please send e-mail to underwriting@verisk.com or contact me directly at 415-281-2891.

Raj Bhat

Raj Bhat is vice president of Verisk Insurance Solutions – Underwriting. Dr. Bhat has more than 30 years of experience developing and providing solutions, services, and high-level management consulting to the property/casualty industry. He has also held senior-level positions at Quality Planning (QPC), which is now part of Verisk Underwriting, and ADP Claims Solutions (Audatex). Dr. Bhat earned a Ph.D. in business from the University of California, Berkeley.