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Pursuing Subrogation Opportunities Critical to Insurers’ Bottom Line

A recent ISO study indicates that adjusters overlook subrogation opportunities found in approximately 15 percent of all closed claims. What percentage of your claims close with missed subrogation opportunities?

Subrogation recovery can improve your company’s bottom line and directly affects your loss ratio. If an insurer can increase its recovery rate by just 1 percent, a company with $100 million in potential recoveries might bring in an additional $1 million. That translates to points off the combined loss ratio when directly added to the bottom line.

Subrogation, a process that used to “fall between the cracks,” is coming back into focus for carriers. Because subrogation plays such an important role in generating a positive revenue stream, investing in subrogation technology that makes the process faster and easier can deliver a healthy return on investment (ROI).

With ISO Subrogation Advisor™, you can find more opportunities for recovery and improve your entire subrogation process — from referral and managing recoveries to measuring vendor performance. Key features include:

  • smart, interactive, and thorough questionnaires that allow claims handlers to gather important details to identify subrogation opportunities
  • summary assessments of relevant data accelerate the referral of qualified cases and facilitate the creation of demand letters
  • an interactive dashboard with real-time metrics that help carriers focus resources on the most likely recoveries

If you’re interested in learning how ISO Subrogation Advisor can strengthen your bottom line, call 1-866-846-6032 or send e-mail to

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