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ProMetrix: We’re the “belt and suspenders” type

It’s often a challenge to learn a new way of doing something. The driving factors are the difficulty of the task and the quality of the learning tools. In serving the insurance industry, we tend to be “belt and suspender” types and work on both sides of the equation. When creating the next generation of the ProMetrix platform, we worked hard to make the entire process — from signing on to finding a property, modeling a risk, and ordering a loss cost or an analytic report — as easy and seamless as possible. To help explain it all, we created a series of tutorials, web seminars, and videos available on the Resources page of our website.

If your company transitioned to the ProMetrix: Next Generation, view the Creating a New Account and Resetting a Password tutorials. The process should look familiar to anyone who’s set up an online account. The other tutorials delve into the step-by-step process of navigating and ordering specific reports.

Once you’re in, two other tutorials are well worth your time. The first, Searching for a Property by Street Address, is our new property search function. You can enter street name, city, state, and ZIP code to find the property you’re looking for. A quicker way to find an exact property is to enter the Risk ID if you have it. Once you find the property, you can then select from any of our analytic reports and surveys, which include loss cost reports and our Building Underwriting and Sprinkler Assessment Reports.

For properties not yet surveyed, our system brings you to a Google map showing all of the surrounding properties. You’ll get overhead and street-level views for neighboring properties. You can sift through the properties and available reports in this window. At any time, you can click “Property Search” in the upper left-hand corner and return to the search menu.

Finally, all users can review their order history. Click on “Order History” (located between Order Survey and Support in the task bar) to see a 30-day history of your surveys and underwriting reports. The history is sorted by Risk ID/address, order date, and reports ordered. And you can retrieve copies of your orders simply by clicking on the report. The tutorial on this feature is called Analyzing an Order History.

James Armstrong

James Armstrong is director of Commercial Property Product Development at Verisk Insurance Solutions.

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