Preparing for the Upcoming Hurricane Season: Optimizing Decision Tools for Claims Response

By Vincent Conti April 25, 2013

When it rains, it pours. And when you’re in the middle of hurricane season, the results can be catastrophic. What information do you need to prepare for a hurricane and optimize your claims response? First off, while the storm is still over the ocean, you’ll need the best possible projections of the track, rain amounts, and winds. After landfall, you’ll want a detailed analysis of the effects in neighborhood-level detail. That intelligence can help you prepare for the flood of claims that’s about to hit. You’ll know where to deploy your catastrophe response teams and understand the likelihood of damage to heavily populated areas. You’ll also be able to make accurate estimates of potential losses.

For more information about the available planning and response tools, watch Verisk’s web seminar on preparing for the hurricane season. How can you get ready for this year’s storms? The answer might just be blowing in the wind.