New Video Series: ISO Connecting Globally — Insurance Fraud around the World

By Lisa Sayegh  |  June 9, 2014

Global insurance antifraud experts will provide key insights in ISO Connecting Globally — Insurance Fraud around the World, a new video series from ISO Claims Solutions. Through cases studies and discussions about industry trends, local challenges, and investigative resources, the video series helps insurance professionals around the world learn from each other.

Video host Lisa Sayegh, director of global ISO Claims Solutions, developed the series to help insurance fraud experts find out about the experiences of professionals in different countries. While some fraud challenges may be unique to a particular country of origin, all professionals can benefit from hearing about the tips and tools that experts around the world use to detect fraud.

The first video features David Snow, the head of special investigations at Zurich Ireland, who discusses insurance fraud issues in that country. Snow shares his perceptions on the role of investigations and fraud containment at Zurich and describes the benefits of collaborating and learning from colleagues.

For more information, or if you’d like to be interviewed for the series, contact Lisa Sayegh.