New PhoneAssist service helps improve your underwriting and rating processes

By Rick Vance  |  June 18, 2014

As an insurer, you perform many important and strategic functions essential for risk control — functions that can be costly or time-consuming — and often rather tedious. That’s why we’re offering our new PhoneAssist service, a suite of phone support services that helps you improve your underwriting and rating processes. We give you expert advice because we know your business. We understand insurance and can assist you in solving the challenges you face.

PhoneAssist gives you accurate information on customers, properties, and hazards, and we see to it that you know all the important details. We’ve developed these services to help you reduce time and expenses and increase productivity while maintaining what’s most important: first-rate customer service.

We can aid you in many areas. For example, we can tell you if property owners follow up on recommended remediation, something you might not know otherwise. We understand that some clients — like those with home-based or mobile businesses — don’t need full-scale on-site surveys, so we’ll conduct phone surveys for you instead. And we’ll verify contact information to make sure field inspectors get proper access to properties and can make their appointments.

We also provide a wide range of phone services to meet your special needs and solve your unique problems quickly and effectively. That’s because we understand the complexities of risk mitigation, thanks to our extensive background in site surveys, risk assessment, and loss calculations. You get the benefit of our expertise.

Our team of more than 120 National Processing Center professionals is standing by to make your calls. For more information about PhoneAssist, read our press release or contact your account representative or call 1-800-444-4554, option 3.

Rick Vance

Rick Vance is the director of the National Processing Center.