New Mexico speeds up suspension procedure for uninsured drivers

By Lacy Berthold  |  June 24, 2015

Starting in July 2015, the New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) is updating procedures for suspending vehicle registration when the MVD is unable to verify proof of financial responsibility.

The new procedure reduces the time period until suspension from 95 to 60 days after the first day the MVD is unable to verify insurance in its insurance identification database (IIDB).

As an insurer, you can help the MVD verify coverage for your insureds by using CV-ALIR to properly report to the division’s IIDB. If you’d like to learn more about our CV-ALIR product and how we can assist you in meeting your statutory automobile liability reporting requirements, please contact us.

Lacy Muntean

Lacy Berthold is Supervisor over the CV-Exchange Support Team. She is responsible for on-boarding new customers and providing ongoing support to both customers and trading partners.