New Jersey joins growing list of states accepting e-card proof of insurance

As a CV-ALIR implementation specialist, I regularly receive questions about electronic delivery. I’m pleased to inform you about a recent technology advancement.

In May, New Jersey enacted ABN 03905, becoming the latest state to approve use of a smartphone or other digital device to show proof of insurance during a traffic stop. The use of e-card information helps New Jersey insurers get up-to-date and accurate information to the state faster while saving money on paper cards.

CV-ALIR monitors insurance reporting rules in all states and updates existing customers whenever more information becomes available. If you want to learn more about liability insurance reporting in New Jersey or other states and how CV-ALIR can help, please feel free to contact us.

Below are the 42 states that currently accept digital proof of insurance.



Lacy Berthold

Lacy Berthold is Supervisor over the CV-Exchange Support Team. She is responsible for on-boarding new customers and providing ongoing support to both customers and trading partners.