New ISO Circular Tracking Tool Receives Great Reviews

By Mark Sheehan  |  July 25, 2012

We’ve been listening to our customers about the challenges they encounter in handling regulatory content — loss costs, rules, forms, statistical codes, and business edits. The process of managing some 4,000 circulars issued each year is too complex and cumbersome, customers have said, and they look to ISO for help. That’s why, in early June, we launched the ISO Circular Tracking Extract.

Easy to upload, the ISO Circular Tracking Extract is a handy compendium of important circular information in one consolidated Microsoft Excel file .xls or .xlsx format – your choice. To make circular tracking simple, ISO will customize your daily extract to include the specific lines of business and states for which your company subscribes.

Since the launch of the product, we’ve certainly seen a lot of activity and interest. In fact, one of our customers sent us a note saying, “Circular tracking is great!” We’re pleased our product can have such a positive effect on our customers’ business operations in such a short time. 

Learn more about the ISO Circular Tracking Extract today. >>

And remember, we’re offering promotional pricing — but you have to hurry. The promotion ends July 31.

Mark Sheehan

Mark Sheehan, assistant vice president of ISO, is responsible for the ISO Rating Solutions division, which includes ISO Electronic Rating Content and ISO Circular Tracking Extract products.