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New Decision Net searches enhance investigations

Decision Net® continues to expand its offerings of searches and reports to bring more power and precision to investigations. The newest Decision Net searches include:

Email address finder

Including an email in public record queries is becoming increasingly important to match accuracy and ensure the return of comprehensive results. This is especially the case when using social media investigation tools to sweep the Internet for targeted, web-based personal information. Adding an email address to a subject’s search profile considerably enhances the effectiveness and efficiency of these cutting-edge technologies.

The Email Address Search on Decision Net identifies email addresses linked to an individual and also allows for a reverse query: searching an email address to find a person of interest. In addition to the subject’s name and AKAs, query results for both search options may include address, date of birth, and Social Security number. There is no charge for this search if no information is found. The Email Address Search is located on the Public Records – People page of Decision Net.

DEA Controlled Substances Search

This special healthcare provider search helps identify licensed physicians and other medical practitioners registered under the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) to prescribe, dispense, and handle controlled substances (CS) identified by the fed­eral government’s Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA).The DEA requires CSA registrants to maintain complete and up-to-date records of all transactions involving controlled substances and provide secure storage and an accurate accounting of CS inventories. DEA search results may include name verification, address of practice and/or healthcare facility, type of business entity, registration number, registration expiration date, and level of drug prescription authority. The DEA Controlled Substances Search can be found on the Public Records – Providers page of Decision Net.

Nationwide Incarceration Search

The Decision Net Incarceration Search accesses an extensive collection of current and historical inmate records covering most states and the District of Columbia. Match returns fea­ture records on offenders who are in custody or were previ­ously incarcerated, as reported by state correctional facilities and state and local law enforcement agencies.

Record contents typically include offender name, date of birth, inmate number, admission date, release date, and sentence details. Inmate records are generally updated monthly. The Incarceration Search can be found on the Special Searches – Police Reports page of Decision Net.

Financial Stress Report

Evaluating the merits of a claim sometimes calls for insights on all aspects of a claimant’s background as well as other parties to a claim. The Financial Stress Report features public record information that points to a subject’s recent or previ­ous financial hardships, including extracts from bankruptcy, liens, judgments, and foreclosure filings across multiple legal jurisdictions. Liens, judgments, and foreclosures in the report are refreshed every two weeks, while bankruptcy records are updated daily. Coverage for all record types is national in scope.

The Financial Stress Report also features ISO’s Fraud Search as an option. Using these two reports in tandem strengthens due diligence research on all parties to a claim. Fraud Search returns felony and misdemeanor crime records linked to a subject where the offense is related to some form of fraudu­lent activity. These fraud-related crime records are maintained in a unique repository in the ISO ClaimSearch system, which you can query using search parameters you submit with your Financial Stress Report request. The Financial Stress Report is located on the Public Records – People page of Decision Net.

Match information for all new searches is returned instantly to your status and results on the My Reports page.  For more information, send email to

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