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NER Provides Latest News in Heavy Equipment Theft

In 2011, the National Insurance Crime Bureau compiled more than 11,000 reports of machines stolen in the United States. Heavy equipment theft is an expensive problem across the country, and recovery rates remain low at only 21 percent. But equipment owners can help protect their assets, and NER’s newsletter, Equipment Theft Quarterly, provides information and advice to help them do just that.

Every quarter, newsletter subscribers will receive insights that can help improve their fleets’ risk management. For example, simply putting physical barriers in front of equipment makes it less vulnerable to thieves. Increasing lighting in equipment yards is another simple step that improves equipment protection. 

In addition to theft prevention strategies, the newsletter includes the latest theft trends, recovery stories, events, and more.

Recent articles include:

  • Fraudster Forges Theft Alert
  • When It Rains, It Pours: The Link between Catastrophes and Equipment Theft
  • NER Stolen Equipment Alert Leads to Recovery
  • Prepare Now to Prevent Thefts in the New Year
  • Tornado Cleanup Efforts Produce Opportunities for Equipment Thieves
  • A Look inside a Heavy Equipment Theft Summit

The consequences of equipment theft are major, ranging from higher insurance premiums to expensive job interruptions. Equipment Theft Quarterly provides proactive advice to owners.

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