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Need an Easy Way to Screen Claims for Fraudulent Activity?

Are your claims adjusters spending too much time investigating the backgrounds of claimants? Conducting a thorough search can be costly and time-consuming. That’s why we created the Decision Net® Fraud Crime Screening Service.

Our Fraud Crime Screening Service offers a quick, easy, and comprehensive way to identify claimants who have a history of fraud crime convictions. The automated approach to background checks can help you accelerate your investigations.


Reporting claims to ISO ClaimSearch® activates the service automatically. Within 24 hours, you’ll get back a bulk file of crime record information matching to subjects listed in your company’s claims. Records may show a variety of charges and convictions, including:

  • accounting fraud
  • arson
  • conspiracy to commit fraud
  • embezzlement
  • forgery and impersonation
  • fraudulent check writing
  • fraudulent driver’s license
  • fraudulent use of credit cards
  • insurance claims fraud
  • public assistance fraud
  • theft by deception
  • workers' compensation fraud