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More Than 4.5 Million Households at High or Extreme Risk from Wildfire

In each of the past four years, wildfires destroyed hundreds of homes and cost insurers hundreds of millions of dollars in claims. Although California has the most households at high or extreme risk from wildfires and historically has experienced the highest insured losses, Colorado and Texas have borne the brunt of insured losses since 2010.


When viewing the results of the 2013 Verisk Wildfire Risk Analysis, you’ll see this isn’t surprising. In fact, Colorado and Texas rank among the top three states for the number of households at high or extreme risk from wildfires.

Interestingly, Idaho had the highest percentage of households with high or extreme wildfire risk, followed by Colorado and California.

You can view the 2013 Verisk Wildfire Risk Analysis results for the top ten states. You can also download individual state risk reports that detail the number and percentage of households at low, medium, and high wildfire risk, plus the five counties at highest risk in each state.

Michael Gannon

Michael Gannon, director of Marketing for Verisk insurance solutions, is responsible for strategic marketing in support of Verisk underwriting auto and property solutions. Before joining Verisk, he held similar positions at Verisk’s Xactware and AIR Worldwide.