ISO’s Market Segments Program - Monday Webinar

By Vincent Conti June 10, 2011

Quick show of hands — how many of you are aware that Golf Courses and Health Clubs and Gyms are part of ISO's Market Segments Program? Anyone? I'm guessing some of you may have raised your cyber-hands, but I’m also guessing the news may come as a surprise to most. Golf Courses (GC) and Health Clubs and Gyms (HC) are two updates that we covered in our June 6 Monday Web Seminar session, ISO's Market Segments Program: An Updated Overview. This seminar, presented by Louis Lee and Joy King, provided an in-depth review of the most recent updates to our Market Segments Program, including details on the two latest elements and general updates to existing segments. The speakers covered everything from wrap-around endorsements and coverage modifications to optional endorsements and liability enhancements.

Another show of hands… Who can guess what the aggregate limit for embalming fluids in the Funeral Homes (FH) segment? If your hand isn’t raised, this web seminar is for you.