Medicare Secondary Payer Legislation, Required Reporting, Processes, and Workflows

By Vincent Conti May 4, 2012

If you listen to two respected individuals in a given field — even if you’re familiar with the field — you’ll probably get some new takes on the subject matter. At Verisk’s latest web seminar, the topic was Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) requirements. Rob Lewis, president of Verisk’s Crowe Paradis Services Corporation, and John Giknis, assistant vice president of operations for ISO ClaimSearch, spoke about MSP changes, legislation, and legal cases. They showed how recent developments are affecting and shaping the way insurers report claims to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

If you’re new to the MSP field — or if you’re looking for a refresher — then please join 400 of your peers who’ve already tuned in to this detailed MSP webinar.

Not sure the session is for you? Well, test yourself on these abbreviations as they relate to MSP: TPOC, COBC, MSPRC, GAO Report. If you’re involved with MSP and you can’t decipher all of them, you need this webinar.