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ISO’s Enhanced Wind Rating Program is here

On October 1, ISO launched our Enhanced Wind Rating Program, a commercial property rating program for the wind peril. You can find all the details on the program in the press release and on the Enhanced Wind Rating Program web page.

The program quantifies a building’s resistance and exposure to wind damage. Using wind-related building and exposure characteristics, you can identify, measure, and price exposures specific to the wind peril. The program uses AIR Worldwide’s hurricane and severe thunderstorm models, ISO’s statistical database of insurer premium and loss, and Verisk’s ProMetrix® database of millions of commercial buildings, to develop enhanced wind loss costs. The program provides a detailed review of building characteristics and geographic and environmental factors that may improve — or worsen — the building’s wind resistance or damageability.

We’ve filed the program with state regulatory authorities, and loss cost quotes are available today in preparation for the upcoming effective dates during the first quarter of 2013.

The Enhanced Wind Rating program takes a step beyond the fire-based rating model for wind and enhances the rating process so you can develop premiums tied more directly to wind loss exposures.

Stephen C. Clarke

Stephen C. Clarke, CPCU, is assistant vice president of ISO's Government Relations Division, responsible for ISO's interaction with government agencies on product filings and other regulatory matters. Steve has more than 30 years of experience in the industry, encompassing regulatory affairs, compliance, operations, and product development. Steve is also an adjunct instructor at St. John's University School of Risk Management.