ISO MarketWatch

By Vincent Conti April 5, 2012

ISO MarketWatch® can help turn unique problems into unique opportunities. You can find out how by listening to our recorded web seminar on the topic. Just think about having premium-change information — by line of business by state by subline — plus monthly data published quarterly. It's hard to beat what this service offers.

ISO MarketWatch commercial lines renewal reports provide a series of indicators that measure the change in voluntary market premiums (adjusted for exposure changes) for policies renewed by the same insurer group. Analyzing the market cycle, the reports collect actual renewal data for millions of transactions, including final premium charged (both expiring and renewing) and true policy exposures (both expiring and renewing). The database comprises 15.8 billion records from more than 1,800 insurers. Also, the reports enhance the records by considering peripheral factors such as size of premium, dispersion of rate changes, and region (coastal, Midwest, and the rest of the country), among other characteristics.

So tune in to ISO MarketWatch for an overview and examples you can apply to your primary, excess, and reinsurance operations.