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ISO Launches Web Presence Search

With the rapid growth of social media has come an explosion in new content detailing the daily lives of individuals, many of whom are insurance policyholders. The average social media user creates more than 90 pieces of new content a month and more than 30 billion pieces of content are shared each month across a myriad of sites. The ability to mine and refine this data adds a new tool to the investigator’s arsenal that can detect fraud in a cost-effective and highly efficient manner.

That’s why ISO created Web Presence Search, located on Decision Net® home page in ISO ClaimSearch®. Web Presence Search makes it easier to search the Internet for hard-to-find and insightful information on persons of interest. The search screens millions of websites and data sources in just seconds and returns results in a convenient match report. Findings may include personal profiles, employment history, educational background and much more.

Web Presence Search is available through ISO’s alliance with Social Intelligence, a Riv Data Corp company. Social Intelligence is a leading provider of social media screening and research solutions to a wide range of industries. All Social Intelligence products, including Web Presence Search, comply with federal and state privacy protection laws for individuals and organizations.