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ISO ClaimSearch improves searches and enhances customer service

The ISO ClaimSearch® database now contains more than 870 million claims. Participants submit more than 235,000 claim reports a day, providing a constantly updated source of claims information. We continually work to improve the system, and we recently initiated several enhancements to increase efficiency and streamline searching of the database.

Claims Inquiry improvements

In our ongoing effort to improve our services, we are updating the Claims Inquiry function of the ISO ClaimSearch® system. The system’s enhanced ability to conduct quicker and more comprehensive claims investigations will help protect your company from fraud and improve your overall claims processing.

The upgrades will streamline the functionality and design of our search screen, summary grid, and match reports. We are adding a more powerful search engine, and we enriched our data offerings to give you:

  • faster searches
  • fuller explorations of the relationships between subjects
  • additional data points and report categories
  • broader perspectives on subjects’ full profiles
  • greater ability to identify suspicious patterns of activity

The updated system will feature:

  • better field layout for easier searches
  • automatic data fill for city and state
  • intuitive formatting for DOB, SSN, and telephone entry fields
  • redesigned match summary grid
  • improved user-friendly layout
  • default descending date-of-loss sorting
  • new questionable claims filter
  • changeable columns and new multiple selection features
  • displays for searched criteria and returned matches
  • enhanced match report layout and navigation

We are currently beta-testing the system, and we will roll out the new system to customers in the fall.

For more information on these upgrades, send e-mail to

Carlos Martins

Carlos Martins is vice president of ISO Claims Solutions at Verisk. You can contact him at