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ISO ClaimSearch – A New Vision

We’re excited to announce a major initiative to transform ISO ClaimSearch®. Today we’re looking to the future with a new vision to improve the system’s functionality, interface, graphics, and more. The new ISO ClaimSearch will include integrated services that will completely revolutionize the user experience. The enhanced system will deliver vital data intelligence to help managers analyze operations and allow staff to make better decisions through the entire life of a claim.

Single Sign-On

One of the first initiatives will allow users to access the ISO ClaimSearch portal through a single sign-on, without having to log in each time. The single sign-on will offer:

  • Greater efficiency: Users can more easily access our site through their own sign-on process; there are no additional, time-consuming steps to take.
  • Improved security:  As employees move to and from their organization, there will be no security gaps and the single sign-on will help reduce the manual administration of user profiles.


Many ISO ClaimSearch client administrators have expressed a preference for managing their users’ access themselves. In response, we’re developing a customer-facing, self-administration portal that will provide greater efficiency by processing customer changes in real time.   

Website Refresh

We’re very excited to develop a clean, modern, and highly functioning design for the ISO ClaimSearch website. The new website will feature more intuitive navigation and provide you with easy access to critical claims information with greater efficiency than ever before. The design will include a cleaner presentation, additional graphics offering greater context for the data received, interactivity, better organization, and more.

These are among the first results you can expect in a multi-year enhancement initiative. In the near future, you can also look forward to the following new developments:

We look forward to this transformation and are excited to provide our customers with a new ISO ClaimSearch that will provide better results, greater ease of use, and a more dynamic claims processing and analysis experience. The ISO ClaimSearch transformation initiative will ultimately provide your company with new solutions that incorporate innovative technology and deliver critical intelligence and analytics based on the most comprehensive industry data set available.

The ISO ClaimSearch transformation is part of a larger goal to offer a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge solutions fully integrated into the claims management process ― from first notice of loss through disposition ― allowing you to lower claim severity, reduce expenses, attain compliance, and improve customer service.

For more information on ISO ClaimSearch, send e-mail to

Carlos Martins

Carlos Martins is vice president of ISO Claims Solutions at Verisk. You can contact him at

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