ISO Claims Partners offers the next step in CMS compliance

By Daniel Lindner  |  August 9, 2014

Section 111 reporting is just the first step of a complete Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) compliance strategy. If you’re already an ISO ClaimSearch® MSP Reporting Service participant, now you can take your compliance program to the next level by incorporating the ISO Claims Partners MSP Service Pack. It’s a comprehensive set of services specifically tailored to improve MSP compliance program and claims outcomes. With this unique set of solutions, you can minimize your risks and easily handle all areas of MSP compliance, including conditional payments, Medicare Set-Asides, and reporting.

The MSP Service Pack is seamlessly integrated into ISO ClaimSearch, providing MSP resources in the most efficient way. The result is we can provide expert oversight to confirm that your process fully meets MSP statute requirements without disrupting your adjusters’ workflow.

The MSP Service Pack offers benchmarking against industry standards, assistance to correct any reporting process issues, and ongoing training to keep staff current with the ever-changing world of MSP compliance. The service includes a dedicated consultant who will be your overseer, facilitator, and risk mitigation expert all in one.

The MSP Service Pack ensures compliance and mitigates risk through: 


  • A dedicated attorney contact on call and ready to assist you at any time
  • Access to the largest team of attorneys and nurses in the industry dedicated exclusively to MSP compliance
  • A pre-audit discovery and investigation session to assess your current MSP compliance practices and protocols
  • Protocol/best practices development to ensure all elements of MSP compliance are in place and address any issues or risks identified in the pre-audit discovery process

Training and Education

  • Customized training for your company and special webinar training sessions
  • Educational resource articles from the field
  • Policy guidance to keep up with the ever-changing MSP industry

Audit and Assurance

  • A complete MSP compliance audit to ensure every step of the MSP process is handled effectively and in a way that protects your interests
  • Oversight of key MSP policy areas and holistic evaluation of your MSP program that includes a detailed report and actionable recommendations
  • Reporting solutions, including a Section 111 scorecard, reporting readiness preparation, and continual reporting oversight and monitoring

Compliance Options

With the MSP Service Pack, you can access the ISO Claims Partners suite of MSP compliance services at a reduced cost:

  • Medicare Set-Asides
  • medical cost projections
  • conditional payment services
  • Medicare Advantage and Medicaid lien services

Get your complimentary consultation

To learn more about MSP Service Pack, contact Dan Lindner, director of section 111 Strategy, at 978-825-8152 or send e-mail to

Daniel Lindner

Daniel C. Lindner is the director of Section 111 strategy for ISO Claims Partners. Dan joined the company as an MSP compliance manager, leading an ISO Claims Partners’ Medicare conditional payment investigation and negotiation team. Dan is a graduate of New England School of Law and a member of the Massachusetts Bar. Dan can be reached directly at 978-825-8152 or