ISO Claims Partners Launches Version 2.0 of wcNavigator®

By Randall Day  |  November 12, 2015

ISO Claims Partners is excited to share the newest updates on wcNavigator®—the solution that enables a company to identify potentially volatile workers' compensation claims earlier in the claim-handling cycle.

We’ve worked to enhance all aspects of the solution, including a model refresh to help you improve claims outcomes throughout the life of a claim:

  • Continuous scoring: Because predicated claim severity can change as data evolves, wcNavigator® now scores claim severity daily.
  • Claim severity indicators: Now you’ll get important insight into claim severity with new indicators that explain the reasons behind the score.
  • More customizable dashboard: Customization has been expanded to include the options most requested by users.

Early identification of high-severity claims is crucial to tailoring claim processes to better allocate the right resources throughout the process to help improve outcomes. With Version 2.0, you’ll receive the most current and accurate claim outlook using current data to gain a greater understanding of driving forces behind a claim’s value to tailor action plans accordingly. In addition, Version 2.0 will provide you with greater insight into severity trends and greater querying ability and will help you stay on top of current claim severity drivers.

For more information on how predictive analytics can help you improve your claims outcomes, take a look at this recent article on, “How Predictive Analytics Can Improve Claims Outcomes” by Adam Wesson, ISO Claims Partners’ director of claims solutions.

Randall Day

Randall Day is vice president of business strategy for ISO Claims Partners. In this role, Randall relies on his extensive background in claims, claims consulting, and technology to bring industry-focused solutions to our customers. He joined ISO Claims Partners in early 2013 as director of claims solutions and successfully spearheaded the development of our groundbreaking predictive analytics product, wcNavigator, which has experienced great acceptance in the marketplace.