ISO Basic Training: Circulars, Manuals, and More – Keeping Up with the Changes

By Vincent Conti November 14, 2011

Each year, ISO submits thousands of regulatory filings that change our insurance programs. We annually review almost 15,000 bills, new laws, court cases, and regulatory actions. And that number is up by about 20 percent in just the last five years. To keep track of what’s going on, you need ISOnet — the information service for insurance professionals.

ISOnet lets you stay on top of changes in ISO’s products and supports your own research and product development activities. Locating a certain form, manual rule, or loss cost is easy when you begin with ISOnet delivery.

In a recent web seminar, Stephen Clarke, assistant vice president of ISO’s Commercial Multi-Line Division, explored the ins and outs of ISOnet — and how you can get the most from the system and its popular features.