Is 100% MSP Compliance Possible?

By Shawn Deane May 7, 2014

Current approaches to Medicare Secondary Payer compliance are disjointed. Ad hoc referrals for separate services are often discretionary and inconsistent. Prevailing protocols decrease an insurer’s ability to be fully compliant and increase the potential for lost opportunities while putting a drain on claims handler resources.  But automating the process helps insurers meet every compliance obligation and identify every opportunity and alleviates unnecessary paperwork for adjustors.

Take a look at the new ISO Claims Partners white paper, Reaching the Elusive Goal of 100% MSP Compliance, which provides full insight into how the Medicare conditional payment and section 111 reporting systems work and interconnect. It discusses recent changes with Medicare contractors involved in reporting and recovery and identifies new technologies and reporting capabilities that are causing a shift towards a more integrated approach to compliance. CP Link, a new tool that is changing the paradigm of MSP compliance, is facilitating:

  • 100% MSP compliance
  • increased visibility on a range of success measurements
  • reduction of costs and exposure
  • increased efficiency by saving claims handlers time and effort

Download Reaching the Elusive Goal of 100% MSP Compliance to see how easy it is to achieve full compliance and improve the effectiveness of your process.

Shawn Deane

Shawn Deane is vice president of product development at ISO Claims Partners where he concentrates on all facets of Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) compliance. Before joining ISO Claims Partners, he practiced healthcare law and insurance defense. Shawn is a member of the Defense Research Institute, has attained the Medicare Set-Aside Certified Consultant (MSCC) certification, and is the 2017 President of the National Alliance of Medicare Set-Aside Professionals (NAMSAP). He is member of the Massachusetts Bar and is licensed in both state and federal courts in Massachusetts.