International Women's Day: Tamie Webber

By Tamie Webber  |  March 8, 2018

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To celebrate International Women’s Day at Verisk—and to showcase Verisk as a leading data analytics company with diverse leadership—Verisk is highlighting its women leaders through a series of Q&A blog posts focusing on this year’s theme, #PressForProgress.

We spoke with Tamie Webber, vice president of product and support at Verisk 3E. Verisk 3E provides data and information services that enable companies to improve compliance with environmental health and safety (EH&S) regulations and supply chain obligations through the entire life cycle of chemicals and products.

If you could give one piece of advice to the next generation of women leaders, what would it be?

First and foremost, be sincere. You won’t be able to truly influence others if you’re not sincere in your approach. Be true to who you are, and don’t be too hard on yourself! You won’t be able to please everyone all the time. As you try to create some work/life balance, some sacrifices will need to be made. Balance is tough to achieve, and honestly, I’m not sure it can be fully executed on a regular basis. And that’s ok. Be thoughtful about your choices.

What is your greatest accomplishment, and why?

Instinctively, I would say my greatest accomplishments so far are my two young girls. My daughters are kind, considerate, and truly believe they can be whatever they want to be. So much so that my 4-year-old wants to be a unicorn when she grows up.

What are you doing daily to ensure your continued growth and development as a leader?

I take time to identify the little things that can make a big impact on others. It’s important to encourage others, and simple acts of recognition and acknowledgment can go a long way.

Tamie Webber

Tamie Webber, vice president of product and support at Verisk 3E.